Our Story

Growing up, my favorite part of visiting my family in Sweden was the candy. That's right, not the fascination of being half-way across the world, or reconnecting with family that I hadn't seen all year long. The candy in Sweden is THAT good. I vividly remember stuffing my suitcase with as much candy as I could fit, year after year, so I could bring it back home to California and make it (hopefully) last until my next visit. Spoiler alert: it never lasted. 
You may be asking what makes Swedish candy so good?. Great question. High quality candy is deeply rooted in Swedish culture. Every Saturday in Sweden, a tradition called Lördagsgodis takes place. It translates to Saturday candy and describes how specifically on Saturdays, children and adults rush to purchase candy from pick-n-mix displays at grocery stores, convenience stores, and more. Similar to how Sundays in America are synonymous with football, Saturdays in Sweden are known for candy. This also explains how Sweden became notorious for having the best quality candy. Swedish people eat about 35 pounds of candy a year, which is the highest per capita in the world. As a result, the quality of their candy and ingredients are unmatched. Lördagsgodis is where Saturday Sweets gets our name from!
A typical Swedish pick-n-mix candy display at a grocery store
But why isn't traditional American candy good enough? Another great question. In the United States, candy is consumed EVERYWHERE. However, many consumers don’t realize that the majority of candy is actually made from low quality ingredients, like high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors. Similar to how most people prefer the taste of foreign Coca-Cola (made with real sugar) instead of the American recipe (made with sucrose and high fructose corn syrup), a better candy exists that most simply don’t know about. Until now.
Saturday Sweets is sharing a deep Swedish tradition to a consumer base that appreciates and deserves higher quality candy. Join us as we raise the standard for candy and see what you've been missing out on.
Founder/Candy Lover